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Requested Team RWBY icons!!! Free to use :)

Previous Halloween icons: [x] [x]

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This is my favorite motherfucking thing about getting closer to Halloween every FUCKING YEAR

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In honour of King Gavin part 2, I finally decided to post these. They’ve been sitting in my drafts for ages.

i could not find a single picture of someone dressed up as the trials guy, so i just put jack’s beard on the official art instead

EDIT: It has come to my attention that I forgot to credit the original cosplayers. I am extremely sorry about this, and would like to apologise to all parties involved.

Gavin: (x)

Michael: (x)

Geoff/Master Chief: (x)  unfortunately, this was the only link to this photo i could find. if anyone else knows who the exact cosplayer is, please tell me and i will update my information

Ray/Tuxedo Mask: (x)

Ryan is David Tennant

Jack is artwork from IGN




i just realized that “never” is a contraction of “not ever”

 and “blush” is a contraction of “blood rush”

also “studying” is a contraction of “student dying”

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